Wanna Know How Much Taylor Swift Earned from ‘Tim McGraw’?

Here’s How Much Money Taylor Swift Made for her First-Ever Hit Song


Taylor Swift has seen it all, as an icon in both pop and country music industries; but her first hit song was an amazing achievement.  Here’s why.

As a teenage country singer, her boyfriend at the time was going to college.  Swift wanted him to remember her, every time he heard a Tim McGraw song.

With this in mind, she wrote her first song, entitled “Tim McGraw,” which quickly landed in the Top 10 on the Billboard chart.

The song catapulted Swift to international fame.  So, with a net worth of approximately $4 million, back in 2006, Swift’s first song was pretty successful, in terms of earnings, especially.

Swift would eventually get to meet and work with McGraw – who has said he wasn’t sure if the song was good for his career, at first.  It certainly turned out to be.  Later, the two mega-stars would collaborate with Keith Urban, for “Highway Don’t Care.”

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