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Wanna Hear Tim McGraw’s Salute to his Resilient, Hard-Working Mom? Grab a Tissue.

Tim McGraw shares a story about his mom in honor of Women’s History Month.  It happened when he was around 10, as she was raising Tim and his two sisters.  He saw her late one night at the kitchen table surrounded by bills and crying.  He knew then how hard she struggled to keep the family afloat.


March is Women’s History Month, so Tim McGraw shared a heartfelt tribute to his mom, Betty.  He told the story of how she got pregnant with him while still in high school.  Because of that she didn’t get to graduate.

She had Tim’s two sisters sometime later and struggled as a single mom.  There was one story from when he was around 10 that still stands out in his memory.

Quote, “I remember us being on our own, my mom and my two sisters, and her working three jobs just to try to keep the basics.  She made no money.  I remember walking through the kitchen one night [and] she had her head down on the table.

[It] was two in the morning, there were bills everywhere, and she was crying.  She didn’t see me, but I’ve told her that story before and she didn’t remember it.  For her that was probably 100 different nights that I didn’t know about.

“But that’s something that really resonates with me and sticks out with me.”


(You can listen to Tim tell the story, here.)

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