FRISKY FRIDAY FAIL:  Wait, That’s Not a Mothers Day Rose from Church…  It’s a WHAT?!
Catholic School’s Mother’s Day Flowers Offered Quite the Surprise
This is not your traditional Mother’s Day gift.  And it’s certainly not the right one to find at church.

A pre-K through eighth grade Catholic school in the northeast part of Philadelphia was selling single, artificial roses, as part of their Mother’s Day plant sale recently.

But when parents looked closely at the blooms, they realized that each flower head was actually bright-red thong, all coiled up into the shape of a rose.

Tuesday (May 10th) a spokesperson for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia said, “Saint Anselm Parish School took immediate steps to remediate this issue when it became known inclusive of broad communication with school families. The situation represents an unfortunate mistake and we apologize deeply.”

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  • A Philadelphia Catholic school accidentally sold single roses that weren’t roses at all—but rather steps with a rolled up bright-red thong on top—in a Mother’s Day plant sale
  • The school and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, and the school both released apologies saying the thong flowers were purchased accidentally
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