Vinyl Album Sales Hit a New High over Christmas

Everything old is new again in the music business, with U.S. vinyl sales hitting a record high over Christmas, according to Nielsen Music.

More than 1.8 million LP’s were sold, in the week leading up to Christmas…  That’s the most since Nielsen began tracking album sales, electronically, back in 1991.

Even better, more than 40-percent of those sales came from independent record stores – which is pretty impressive, during a pandemic.

Vinyl also outsold CDs, by nearly 170,000 last week.  And it’s the fourth time that has happened in 2020.


In the UK, cassette tapes are making a comeback.  It is estimated 157,000 cassettes will have been sold, in 2020.  This is the highest number since 2003.  The top sellers are from Lady Gaga, 5 Seconds of Summer and Yungblud.

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