Vaping Damages Blood Vessels, Much Like Cigarettes
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Study:  Vaping Damages Blood Vessels, Much Like Cigarettes

When it comes to your blood vessel health, vaping is no better than smoking traditional cigarettes.

The American Heart Association has found that aerosols, from vaping devices, may impact human blood vessels to the same extent as some from cigarettes.  They now know that a layer of cells, which help control blood clotting and blood pressure, was significantly impaired after a five-minute exposure to vaping aerosols.

And:  The blood vessels of rats exposed to cigarette smoke and vaping aerosols dilated by 67-percent; which can be a sign of stroke and heart disease.

Study co-author Matthew Springer said in a press release, “Our research reinforces the previous findings that vaping is not without harm, and it underscores the importance of counseling patients about the risks of vaping because it does affect cardiovascular function.”

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  • A study finds that vaping negatively affects blood vessels in the body as much as smoking traditional cigarettes does
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