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Valentine’s Day Is the Least Popular Major Holiday

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Cookies with red, white, and pink icing and messages of love.

We make a big thing out of Valentine’s Day every year, but apparently most Americans wish we didn’t.  A new poll found Valentine’s Day might actually be the least  popular major holiday in America.



The poll matched Valentine’s Day up against other major holidays, and asked people which one they like better.  For example, “Do you prefer Valentine’s Day or Halloween?”



And Valentine’s Day won none of its matchups.



The closest it came to a win was against Labor Day.  35% of us like Valentine’s Day . . . 43% prefer Labor Day . . . and everyone else is indifferent.



That said, 10% of people like Valentine’s Day more than Christmas . . . and 11% like it more than Thanksgiving.  So there are definitely some die-hard fans out there.



According to the poll, our favorite holidays, in order are:  Christmas . . . Thanksgiving . . . Mother’s Day . . . Fourth of July . . . New Year’s . . . Halloween . . . Father’s Day . . . Memorial Day . . . Labor Day . . . and Valentine’s Day is last.

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