Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas:  Love Doesn’t Have to Cost a Thing

Sometimes it’s not about the money, but the thought spend, behind the gift, for Valentines Day.

Here are ten things that you can do, on a little budget, but still show your love, big-time.

  • Make your valentine a hearty, yummy breakfast.
  • Leave a really nice note in their coat pocket so they’ll find it, randomly.
  • Surprise them with morning kisses.
  • Bake their favorite dessert.
  • Make your own game by writing down questions like “Where did we have our first kiss?” or “What’s was our first  favorite restaurant?”  See if your answers match.   🙂
  • Print out screenshots of your cutest text messages, which may have been forgotten.
  • Get word magnets for the fridge, and arrange cute phrases for them to wake up to.
  • Clean their entire place.
  • Fill up their gas tank and leave a sticky note on the dashboard.
  • Write the ultimate dating bucket list, to attempt, together.

Good options!  What no-cost Valentine’s surprise are you planning?  What was your best one?

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