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Valentine’s Day DIY Gift Ideas – Easy and Economical

Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Cookies with red, white, and pink icing and messages of love.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, in lieu of going out for a date in the middle of a pandemic, there are some really cool DIY gift ideas you can make, for the one you love.

  •  Get a thrift store glass vase or plate and mix baking soda and paint to create a ceramic look – then add flowers or your partner’s favorite plant.
  • Open When” envelopes are nice for a year-long gift that keeps on giving.  Create envelopes for your partner to open when they’re sad, lonely, after watching a romantic movie, or when they need motivation – or just for every Saturday.  Customize them to fit your relationship and add pictures of the two of you for personalization.
  • A DIY scratch-off card is easy to craft with the help of a card, soap, paint, and a white crayon.  Write out prizes you want to give on a card, then create a scratch-off layer with the white crayon over the lettering.  Finally, cover your prizes with a mix of paint and dish soap for a cool scratch-off card.

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