Valentine Treat in Bed – Would You Curl Up with Food to Celebrate?

Eating in bed?  Top list of foods Americans will eat in bed this Valentine’s Day…  Mostly Breakfast Items

A OnePoll study of 2,000 Americans found 47% have eaten snacks or meals in their own bed, with 85% planning or hoping for breakfast in bed this Valentine’s Day.  But when you break that number down, 69% plan to do it for a loved one – but only 16% would welcome it.  Is it a wasted effort?

According to one researcher:  “Having the first meal of the day in bed, especially with a partner, has for a long time been seen as a romantic gesture and many of us plan to start Valentine’s Day this year doing just that.

However, 52-percent say it’s just too messy.  Some add that it will attract insects and rodents, especially if it’s crumby.  72-percent have had to throw out bedding, after a messy meal.

26-percent of us say it’s lazy.  But 44% say it’s romantic.

The study was commissioned by bakery company StPierre.

And, yes, that’s a bed bug.

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