Tyler Hubbard has released the demo of his current hit, “Dancin’ In The Country,” which he co-wrote with Keith Urban, Ross Copperman and Jon Nite. Keith contributes guitar, bass, ganjo and vocals to the demo.

Tyler said, “I’ve always admired Keith Urban as a writer, but never had the chance to actually write a song with him. Keith came into the writing session so engaged and ready to go where the ideas took us.  Ross and Jon are two of the finest writers in town, and by the end of the day we had a song we all felt was special. It’s exciting to share a behind the scenes look at how a song comes together.”

Keith added, “Spending a day with Tyler, Ross and Jon in the studio writing this song was a total blast, especially creating the track with Ross – I love working fast, ideas flowing really quickly- a bass part, a ganjo part, a very intentionally 80s country super compressed electric guitar riff.”

Tyler tells us this collaboration brought about a song which sounds different than anything else on his self-titled debut solo album. “’Dancin’ In The Country’ is just a really fun, uptempo country song that I was fortunate enough to get to write with Ross Copperman, Jon Nite and Keith Urban, who’s just incredible as a writer and a guitarist, and he and Ross Copperman really helped capture the feel and emotion of this song sonically and also me and Jon Nite really tried to dial in the lyrics and they were also very helpful with that. But just an incredible day of songwriting and a really cool song that came from it and a song that sounds like nothing else on the project.”

“Dancin’ In The Country” is a Top 10 and climbing at Country radio.