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Two-Thirds of Us Want to Switch to a Four-Day Workweek with 10-Hour Days!

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The Fourth of July is on a Sunday this year.  So a lot of people get Monday off and have a four-day workweek.  So here’s a question:  Should we just do that all the time?



A new survey asked 13,000 Americans if we should ditch the five-day workweek . . . and do four days a week with ten-hour days instead.



And 66% of Americans said yes, they’d prefer it that way.



Only 23% said they’d rather stick with the current system of five days a week.  And 11% aren’t sure.



72% of people think they’d be just as productive or MORE productive if they only worked four days a week.



And this part surprised us, but older people were much more likely to think a four-day week makes sense.  Only 18% of people 45 and up prefer a five-day workweek, compared to 30% of people younger than that.


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