Two Joliet Me Step Up Big!

You Can Visit Woodlawn Memorial Park Again Thanks To 2 Joliet Men

Last weekend, the Joliet Patch produced two separate news stories regarding Woodlawn Cemetery’s failure to clean up the mess that has been plaguing the cemetery for three months.

On Tuesday afternoon, Dillon Harrison, age 30, and his friend, Geno Moretti, 31, took it upon themselves, spending four hours cutting down several giant downed trees blocking access into the Woodlawn Cemetery. The downed trees prevented families from visiting Woodlawn Cemetery 2. There are more than 500 graves located in the smaller, secluded cemetery that’s hidden behind the trees along the busy West Jefferson Street corridor.

However, Woodlawn then erected a barricade to keep vehicles out of the cemetery, and that barricade was still in place Friday when Joliet Patch met with Harrison and Moretti for the interview.

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