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Trip Stacking: When You Book Several Different Vacations for the Same Days Off. Here’s WHY.

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‘Trip Stacking’ –
Travelers Wary of COVID-19 Cancellations Book Multiple Trips for the Same Vacation

A new trend is popping up among those who are determined to travel, but aren’t too picky about where.

People are booking multiple trips for the same vacation period; so that they have a fallback if COVID-19 restrictions lead to cancellation of one of their getaways.

CNBC reports this practice, known as “trip stacking,” has grown in popularity, as countries change travel rules amid the spread of the Delta variant.  Specifically, trip stacking involves booking a more expensive and riskier trip (such as a vacation abroad or a cruise) alongside a back-up or “safety net” trip, to a different geographical area (which is less likely to be cancelled).

CEO of Avenue Two Travel, Joshua Bush, told CNBC that most travelers postponed their backup trips instead of cancelling them outright if they were able to take their first-choice trip.

The practice can work out well for travelers and travel agents, but could cause problems for hotels and airlines if too many customers cancel their bookings.

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  • “Trip stacking” is a new thing people are doing where they book multiple trips for one period of time, in case one doesn’t work out due to ever-changing pandemic rules – but it’s harmful to business providers in the travel industry

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