Knock Out Global Internet?  Tree Rings Indicate a Space Storm Could – Soon
The brilliant stars seen in this image are members of the popular open star cluster known as the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. The Hubble Space Telescope's Fine Guidance Sensors refined the distance to the Pleiades at about 440 light-years. The Fine Guidance Sensors are at the periphery of Hubble's field-of-view. They trace a circumference that is approximately the angular size of the Moon on the sky. They are overlaid on this image to give a scale to Hubble's very narrow view on the heavens.
Study:  A Cosmic Storm Could Leave Us Without Internet

Researchers in Australia say there is a 1% chance that a huge storm, in space, could cause an internet outage, here on earth, within 10 years.

Such an event has been mapped for the first time, using tree rings.  Old trees and their rings can help document cosmic radiation and provide “snapshots” of Earth’s past.

These huge bursts of cosmic radiation, known as Miyake Events, have occurred approximately once every thousand years but what causes them is unclear,” Dr. Benjamin Pope said.

A Mikayke Event could cut off power, phone networks, and yes, even the internet.

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