Tom Cruise Delays Top Gun Sequel Filming, Here’s the Reason…

(AP Photo/Krista Niles)

It’s being reported that Tom Cruise is delaying filming of “Top Gun 2” so that he can learn how to fly fighter jets so that stunts can look as realistic as possible.
Because of him wanting to perfect his stunts, production on the film may be put on pause for months. Tom has been known to do a lot of his own stunts in his movies. “He already has a license to fly planes but isn’t qualified to fly fighter jets, which he’s now learning how to do,” an insider said to The Sun about the situation.  Tom isn’t trying to do the more dangerous flight scenes, but he does want to fly some f the sequences. The “Top Gun” sequel is set to hit theaters in March 2020.  Here’s the complete story from Daily Mail.



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