Study:  Toddlers Regulate Emotions Better by Watching Adults Calm Themselves

Toddlers can learn how to regulate their emotions by observing strangers, so finds a new study.

German researchers have found that toddlers can learn to regulate their emotions by watching any adult, not just parents or other family members.

They also tend to increase their use of “distraction” as a mechanism to calm themselves in stressful situations after they’ve watched others use the same approach.

Study co-author Sabine Seehagen said in a press release, “Adults can also help toddlers regulate their emotions by providing them with toys that match their temperaments.  Future research should look into the relationship between temperamental dispositions and different strategies for coping with anger and other emotions.”

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  • A study finds that toddlers regulate their emotions better after watching any adult calm themselves– not just an adult they’re familiar with
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