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Time to Stop Dating? The Average American Will Spend $121,082 on Dates

A new study found the average American will spend a total of $121,082 going on dates over the course of their lifetime.  And it doesn’t end when you settle down and get married. Spending actually goes up.

The average person spends $168 a month on dates.  But people who are married spend $186 a month on dates.

28% of people said they’d go into debt to keep dating.  And yes, we do tend to overspend on dates just to impress the other person.  But that urge ends around date number six.

The survey also asked people why they avoid dating.  And the price tag did make the top five, but it’s not number one.

Our top five excuses for not dating are:  “I prefer hanging out with friends” . . . “I can’t afford it” . . . “I’m not confident enough” . . . “I’m too introverted” . . . and “I don’t like meeting new people.”


– Jess Samson

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