Tim McGraw’s ‘Strong-Willed’ Daughters Remind Him Of His Onscreen Daughter

Tim McGraw reveals how the relationship with his on-screen daughter, Elsa, played by Isabel May, is similar to the relationship he shares with his three real-life daughters, Gracie, Maggie, and Audrey, whom he shares with Faith Hill.

In a statement released by his record label, McGraw talks about his 1883 father-daughter-relationship:  “You see a lot in the relationship between that father and daughter.  I think a lot of it is explained in one line – ‘she loves like Margaret, she fights like me.’  And to me, that says everything about James and Elsa‘s relationship, that he understands her and he understands the passion that she has.  But I also think he knows that she’s a grown-up.  He’s wary, as any father would be; but he has enough trust and respect for her that he tries to stay out of her way as much as he can and still be a guiding hand when it’s important.  And that’s the same way that I’ve always tried to treat my daughters.  We’ve taught our girls from the very beginning to be strong-willed.  And sometimes that’s backfired on me, to have four women in my house who are very strong-willed.  And so, sometimes dad gets thrown under the bus.

McGraw appears on The Kelly Clarkson Show, today.

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