Tim McGraw Teaches Fans to Make Beignets on Social Media

Tim McGraw took time to ensure his fans had their “Christmas morning recipe” down, before the big day.

McGraw shared his recipe for making beignets on Tuesday (December 13).  “Being a Louisiana boy, I grew up with beignets.  It’s been a part of my DNA, since the earliest memories that I have,” McGraw said in a video posted to Instagram.

Tim advises using the Cafe du Monde mix, specifically.  He likes to coat his hands with cooking spray, if the dough is too sticky.  And he shares useful hints like shaking the treats in powdered sugar – in a Trader Joe‘s paper bag – to ensure the beignets are completely covered.

He took to Instagram, yesterday, (Tuesday, December 13th) to share his video instruction.  Then finished by tasting one, and saying:  “Mmmm…  Tres bien!”  That means “very good,” in French, which is often spoken in Louisiana.  🙂

Tim says this recipe is a favorite of his three grown daughters, with wife Faith Hill.  McGraw says they each ask him to fry these up for their birthdays.

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