Tim McGraw Stops Concert, Confronts a Heckler

Tim McGraw does not take kindly to hecklers…  Really, who does?  And these are just mean and demeaning.

At his show in Reno, Saturday, October ninth, he actually hopped off the stage, to confront just such a concert attendee.

Fans who were there say that Tim had apparently temporarily forgotten the words to one of his hits from the ’90’s, “Where the Green Grass Grows“; and the fan had decided to loudly mock him.  Video from TMZ.com shows the heckler is part of a small group who seem tipsy or drunk – with a female voice yelling out:  “Do the show!”  repeatedly, and not very nicely, then:  “This is ____ing ridiculous!  Do the show-uh!

After McGraw confronted the heckler, he got back on stage; and explained that he had been shooting the Yellowstone prequel, 1883, for 48 hours, straight, shortly before he fulfilled his concert duty.  So, clearly, he was tired.  PopCulture reports:  “He asked them to forgive him if he didn’t sound his best or if he missed a few lyrics, and in general, they seemed to do so.

Lately, Tim has grown a beard which looks like a style from the late 1800’s.  It’s for his role with Paramount+ as the patriarch of the fictitious Dutton family of ranchers.

CinemaBlend reports that, since Tim works “alongside wife and fellow legendary country singer Faith Hill, heading back to work shouldn’t be too bad.  Plus, you have to commend him for balancing his acting and singing work so well, something that many stars have done over the years.”  He even put on a concert for fans in Minnesota, between shooting scenes.

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