Gravestone Recipes…  TikToker Makes the Ones She Finds
This TikToker Makes Recipes She Finds on Gravestones

Librarian Rosie Grant follows recipes she finds on gravestones, under the TikTok handle @ghostlyarchive.

She’s new to baking.  But, luckily, her followers give her free advice about how to follow the recipes…  some of which just include ingredients and no steps.  So, you don’t know how it’s supposed to turn out.

She says that a “spritz cookie” recipe was particularly challenging.  Sounds a lot like “spirits,” doesn’t it?

People were recommending different ways to make the cookies; so I read through all the comments, to understand how to make the cookies correctly, and made it again and again,” Grant said.

There’s a 97-year-old grandma who had her fudge recipe carved in the stone over her remains.  Another lady leaves her snickerdoodle secret for all to see, now.

As her account gains traction, fans have begun sending her photos of gravestone recipes for her to try.  Did you even know that “gravestone recipes” were a thing?

Maybe it’s when someone can finally reveal a secret ingredient…  or take it to the grave.

You can see what she does, HERE.

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