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Tik Tok Teen Trouble: Stealing Urinals & Toilets for a ‘Devious Lick’ (for Starters)

Teens Are Apparently Stealing Soap Dispensers, Urinals and more from School for the “Devious Lick” Trend
Who’s minding the kids – anyone paying attention?  And who is dumb enough to not mind this kind of deviant, disgusting behavioral issue?  Really, WHO ARE WE?  Ugh.

Truly troubled teens have been stealing weird stuff from their schools, just to participate in the “devious licks” back-to-school trend on TikTok.

For the trend, kids basically steal stuff from their schools’ and post about it – along with dramatic music and a big “reveal.”  It promotes vandalism, irresponsibility and socially deviant behavior.

They’ve stolen all sorts of stuff, some considered small-grade licks (toilet paper rolls, class pets, classmate’s shoes), mid-tier licks (parking signs, school laptops, desk chairs), and complex swipes (entire filing cabinets, security cameras, toilets, etc.).

However:  Some TikTok users are saying they’re fed up with the antics, and complain that school bathrooms are closed, due to missing toilets and stolen bathroom stall dividers.

One user even posted a recording of a school announcement imploring kids to stop stealing soap dispensers and warning they’ll be disciplined if caught.

At the time of this writing, TikTok has blocked all the “devious licks” videos as well as the hashtag.
There’s more, here:  (Mashable)



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