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A Tickle Bar – a place where you can go to get tickled – is opening in Dallas, Texas. Kimberly Haley-Coleman says she gets a polarized reaction to her concept: “It’s either, ‘Oh my God, that’s genius, why hasn’t anyone done that before?’ or it’s ‘No one is going to do that.’” At the appointment time, guests – who have to wear a pandemic mask – will be greeted at the door by a masked technician. The guest will be taken to a waiting area and served pink cookies and a glass of rosé. From there, guests will be taken into one of the five “tickle tents,” Moroccan-style tents adorned with fairy lights, where they’ll be given the options to take their shirts off, as well as to close the tent flap for privacy. The list of tickle services includes: hair play – someone playing with your hair – or back tickles. Or both, for 25 or 50 minutes. Back tickles can involve feathers and textures, “shape tracing,” and a soft touch or firmer scratches for more ticklish individuals. Likewise, the hair play sessions can also involve a variety or combs or devices. Here’s the complete story from the Dallas Observer.

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