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Thousands of Baptisms Invalid? We’ll Hear More About This

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“Thousands Of Baptisms Conducted By Arizona Priest Declared Invalid Because He Used The Wrong Word”

… We certainly have not heard the last of this story.


First…  “The Catholic Church has ruled” (not quite accurate) that thousands of baptisms by an Arizona priest are invalid – because he used the wrong words.  It’s one diocese, one bishop, who says this.  For the Church to decide this would require the Pope.

Second…  Actually, it was just one word – Rev. Andres Arango had been conducting baptisms with the phrase “We baptize you in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit” – when the correct phrase is “I baptize you.

Third…  This may not be accurate (it will require clarification from the Vatican):  On its website, the Catholic Diocese of Phoenix explained “If you were baptized using the wrong words, that means your baptism is invalid, and you are not baptized.

The diocese claims that Rev. Arango had been using the wrong phrase since at least 1995.  He resigned earlier this month.

There is definitely more to this story.

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