Thomas Rhett and his cousin, Jeff Worn’s new tequila brand, Dos Primos, has been a family affair. In addition to the obvious partnership between Thomas and Jeff, Thomas tells us that his mom was among his taste testers and she is definitely a tough customer.

“My biggest test was on my mom. My mom is a devoted Bota Box wine drinker. That is her drink of choice. She does not mess around with tequila in the slightest and I said, ‘Mom, I realize that you don’t like tequila but your son did just put out a tequila brand so you’re gonna have to try it,’ and she tried it and she said, ‘Now, I could drink that,’ and I said, ‘Why,’ and she goes, ‘Cause it’s really, really smooth,’ and that was the word that I think me and Jeff were going for.”

The name Dos Primos is Spanish for “Two Cousins.”
Dos Primos is available in a 750 ml bottle in select U.S. markets now and nationwide soon.


Dos Primos Tequila Company/LuxcoFor Thomas Rhett, his new Dos Primos Tequila is basically an exercise in togetherness with one of his favorite people, his cousin Jeff Worn.

“Jeff and I are obviously third cousins, but we’ve grown up like brothers pretty much,” TR points out. “And honestly, we’re best friends.”

“But we’ve been trying to get our families together a lot,” Thomas continues, “because it’s easy for us to kind of grow apart, because Jeff lives in Valdosta [Georgia]. I live in Nashville. I’ve got three kids. He’s got three kids. We always try to go to Telluride, Colorado, every year to ski with each other.”

It was on one of those annual trips where the pair’s tequila dreams were born.

“About three-and-a-half years ago, we were skiing, and Jeff and I went out to a restaurant and were just trying a bunch of different tequilas,” Thomas Rhett recalls. “Our waitress kept bringing us different types to try.”

“And when me and Jeff get into anything,” TR explains, “we go in head over heels on it, whether it’s hunting or fishing or anything outdoors, like we go hard in the paint on it.”

“And so we woke up the next morning,” he goes on, “got on a ski lift — and we’ve been talking about developing a company together. We didn’t know what it was gonna be. And we looked to each other, and we were like, ‘Dude, I have no idea what this means, but let’s start a tequila company.’”

Appropriately, Dos Primos is Spanish for “two cousins.” You can visit to find out more.