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Thomas Rhett Talks Valentines Day – New Way to Celebrate

Thomas Rhett On Valentines Day …

Definitely changed a lot over the years.  Before we had kids, it was like, let’s make sure we go to a nice dinner, let’s maybe watch a movie, let’s pour a glass of wine.  And I think that those things still obviously happen when we do plan super in advance for a date night, but now me being romantic is really just helping, if that makes any sense.  Like, if something is out of place, put it up.  If the kids need to go take a nap, I make lunches in the morning before the kids get up to go to school, and all that kind of stuff.  And so, when I’m off the road, being super present with my kids has turned into the new romanticism.  And it definitely took me a minute to figure out, but four kids later I think we’re rockin’ and rollin’.”

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