Thomas Rhett Reveals ‘Creative’ Date Night Ideas with Wife Lauren Akins

Thomas Rhett’s song, “Bring The Bar,” has a special memory tied to it.

The song reminds Rhett of the creative way he and his wife, Lauren Akins, did date night, while we were all on lockdown, in 2020.  “Yeah, I mean me and Lauren got real good at bringing the bar to each other during 2020.  I don’t think we saw a bar for a year and a half; and so we got really good at getting creative with date night – whether it was cooking together, watching a movie downstairs, opening a bottle of wine, whatever it was.  This song just like, made me smile and it reminded me of the fun that we had to make in 2020, but also turned into kind of a party jam,” Rhett said.

Thomas wrote the song with his father, Rhett Akins.

You can hear it on his latest album, Where We Started.

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