Thomas Rhett On How Music Has Helped His Mental Health

Thomas Rhett is talking about the importance of making mental health a priority.

The country star has made a successful career for himself in music, but for the 32-year-old father of four, music is a lot more than just how he provides for his family.

Rhett recently sat down with Audacy to share how creating and listening to music betters his mental health. “Music, for me, has been such a life source. I feel in so many ways, what I can’t say, I’ve been able to sing, or what I can’t say [I’ve] been able to write. A lot of time that’s where I come from.”

“Discussing my problems with other people has been a life-saver for me, personally,” he said candidly. “I meet with a group of guys every Monday night just to kind of talk all things life — we’ve been doing that for three years now. I feel like when you’re in the battle, in the trenches with other people, with community it makes for great friendship and good ways to sort through your stuff.”

I love this, growing up I used music to help me get through though times and I think we all need some type of outlet to help us when things become burdensome. It takes courage to be this vulnerable and talk about your struggles openly. Thank you Thomas, I hope this article helps someone else who might be struggling. Music will always be the soundtrack to my life!