Thomas Rhett Gets a Big Kick Out of How his own Wife Can’t Remember THESE

Thomas Rhett’s Wife Can’t Name His Records

Lauren, Thomas Rhett‘s wife, is truly his biggest fan…  But she doesn’t always remember the names of his albums.

Rhett has posted a really funny video on Instagram – of him and Lauren sitting in the kitchen – as he asks her about his career highlights.

Do you know the names of all five of my records?” he asks, as Lauren’s face freezes as she realizes she doesn’t.

She correctly identifies Rhett’s debut album as “It Goes Like This,” but then mistakenly refers to his second album as “Unforgettable” instead of “Tangled Up.”

Unforgettable” was actually a single from Rhett’s third album, “Life Changes.”  Her answer makes him burst out laughing and repeats, “What is the name of the album?

Hey, let’s be fair.  Lauren is busy raising their four little daughters, all under the age of ten, and two of them are still toddling or in diapers!

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