Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins Have a Problem When Football Season Starts…

Thomas Rhett is from Georgia, and his wife, Lauren Akins, is from Tennessee; so they have different college football loyalties, for sure.  But he says it’s not such a big problem for them – because they’ll typically watch more of one team than the other…  Who’s?

Rhett says there are many times when he, his wife, and the band, watch the Georgia Bulldogs on the road.  “We always set up a big TV out in the parking lot, cook wings, and sit and watch the games.  But it’s such a blast.”

Rhett’s support for the Bulldogs hasn’t affected his relationship with Akins, though – a marriage which fans admire – even though she’s more likely to cheer for Smokey‘s guys in orange.  He’s a blue-tick coonhound, so both mascots are dogs, at least.

Rhett says about his love of Georgia football:  “There have definitely been nights that I can vividly remember where Georgia was playing whoever it was, and it’s half-time, and you kind of go, ‘Dang, I go on stage in 15 minutes.’  You kind of are at this crossroads of just, like, ‘Do I push the show 10 minutes, just to see what happens?’”

This situation is a lot like the reverse fan-feeling in the hit song “Tennessee Orange,” by Megan Moroney.

Do you and your partner support rival football teams?  How do you keep the peace in your home during football season?

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