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This Woman Compared Products In The US And The UK, And The Difference In Ingredients Is Shocking

Well known author and food critic, Vani Hari, aka “Food Babe” is known for her work in the food industry, she got Kraft to remove the artificial orange color in its macaroni and cheese as well encouraging Subway to drop azodicarbonamide from their bread.
So when Food Babe compared food ingredients in the United States and United Kingdom, people were shocked. Comparing items such as Mountain Dew, McDonald’s french fries, Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes, Doritos, Heinz Ketchup and Quaker Instant Oatmeal, the U.S. versions were filled with preservatives, additives, and risky ingredients.
Food Babe says the extra ingredients aren’t necessary and contribute to America’s health problems, especially obesity, which is the biggest cause of premature death behind smoking.
The United Kingdom versions of the products were deemed healthier and made with real ingredients. Food Babe warns consumers to look at labels and don’t trust what is labeled on the front of the packaging. Here’s the complete story from Bored Panda.

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