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THIS JUST IN: Your Cat Really Does Love You. Really.

Yes, your cat does love you:  We all know it, purrrrrfectly well.

It’s Mo.  This is my Oreo…  And he is actually hugging me, while I hold him.  He doesn’t have to.  God knows a cat won’t if it doesn’t want to.  Everyone who has met him knows he is a total lover.  So, my whole family is really happy to see this:

A study, published Monday, in the journal Current Biology reveals that cats really do form bonds with their humans; and these bonds are similar to the ones we have with dogs, and even our own human babies.

Researchers used a study, developed in the 1970’s, to determine “attachment style” between parents and infants.

Here’s what they found:  A cat with secure attachment knows you’ll take care of it.  But, a cat with insecure attachment may be timid or cautious when it sees you.

“We’re looking at cats through dog-colored glasses,” cat expert Jackson Galaxy told NBC News. “We are disappointed in them because they don’t wag their tails, meet us at the door, demonstrate in a way that humans innately recognize that they love us.”

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