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This Bridezilla Is Full-On CRAY to Expect THIS from Her Man

There’s a soon-to-be-bride (for now, if she behaves) that’s setting social media on fire with her absurd declaration about her fiance: he needs to get a second job to help pay the the $80,000 wedding she’s planning. But that’s not even CLOSE to the end of it…

She quit her job a while back, claiming she couldn’t possibly WORK while she’s trying plan the day that she’s dreamed of since she was little. Well, obviously!

But money’s a little tighter planning a wedding this lavish, so she’s insisting on Reddit not that her soon-to-be-hubby really needs to get another job, a SECOND job, to pay for all of this (even though he’s told her it’s all just too much). Fortunately, Redditors tore her apart, and assured her that this behavior wins her a spot on the “Worst Bridezillas” list, and advised her groom to run while he can!

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