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There’s Less Than 1% Chance of Catching Covid-19 Flying, Says Airline Exec

Airline executives sound off about the ongoing challenges that COVID-19 poses to the industry. One airline executive says there’s a one percent chance of catching Coronavirus while flying thanks to HEPA Filters being equipped on-board and people wearing masks.
Research on airlines by Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, which is sponsored by the airline industry, is ongoing and there is hope that the research will be able to restore flyer’s confidence.
United’s CEO hopes that establishing flights between New York and London could boost the flyer’s confidence and that precautions such as touchless check-in, increased facial recognition to alleviate the need for documents to be exchanged to verify identification and change fees being eliminated will help the recovery of the airline industry.
As airlines emerge from the pandemic JetBlue’s President Joanna Geraghty, says sustainability and diversity will play a big role. “Sustainable fuels have a ways to go. Air traffic control reform. Efficient air space. They’re all ways to improve the aviation industry’s footprint,” says Geraghty. Here’s the complete story from Bloomberg.

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