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There’s a Guy Who Gets Paid to Go to Funerals and Tell Secrets or Settle Scores

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Talk about “digging Down Under”:  There’s a private investigator in Australia who provides a jaw-dropping service:  People who are dying hire him, for $10,000, to show up at their funeral and TELL SECRETS or SETTLE SCORES with their family.  So far he’s crashed 22 funerals in two years.


What could be worse than causing a bunch of serious family drama?  Doing it from BEYOND THE GRAVE…  or, “digging, Down Under.”

Just remember:  “He (or she) who seeks revenge should remember to dig two graves.”Chinese Proverb  [One is for your own soul.]

There’s a private investigator named Bill Edgar in Queensland, Australia, and he provides a jaw-dropping service:  For $10,000, you can hire him to show up at your own funeral and TELL SECRETS or SETTLE SCORES with your family.  Ugh.

He’s been offering the service for two years; and he’s already crashed 22 funerals… almost one per month.

For example . . . quote, “I blend in with the mourners.  I sit with the family and friends, in the middle of everybody.  I was to tell the best [friend] to sit down and shut up because [my client] knew he’d been trying to have an affair with his wife.”

Another time he says he was hired to tell mourners, at a biker’s funeral, that his client was gay – and his significant other was in the audience.

Edgar says his clients also hire him to get rid of stuff they don’t want their family to find, like, quote, “money, drugs, guns, or pornography.”

And if this sounds like something out of a movie . . . it’s going to be.  Bill has signed a deal to have his life developed into a film or TV show.

Wanna feel even more uncomfortable?  See the whole thing, here:  (ABC News Australia)

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