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THERAPY THURSDAY: How Do You Actually Find the Therapist Who Is Right for YOU?

When relationships get rough, the right thing to do is find a counselor you can trust.  Find the right one.
This could be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or a Psychotherapist or a Psychiatrist (a doctor)…  and if you don’t feel progress, within a reasonable amount of time (maybe a few months), then don’t feel bad about trying the next expert, till you’re comfortable.
10 Ways to Find a Really Good Therapist
  1.  Forget the online equivalent of “the yellow pages.”  Listings don’t always reveal the good ones, who work by referral.
  2.  Ask a professional, whom you already work with, and trust – like your doctor.
  3.  Ask friends or family members if they can recommend someone, especially if you’re seeing improvement around you.
  4.  Use a known therapist as a resource.  A truly good one will recommend the RIGHT one for your specific concerns.
  5.  Use resources at work, from your Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to your company newsletter.
  6.  Schools and Universities are wonderful resources.
  7.  Use your insurance company; if you want the best chance of getting your care reimbursed or paid for.
  8.  Use the Internet; but search by the specific category of help you seek, and read reviews.

See the full article from PSYCH CENTRAL, HERE.

“Try to gather at least two or three names from any given source.  That way you can cross-reference, and have choices if one doesn’t work out, moved out of town, retired or just doesn’t suit you.  You have a right, even a responsibility to yourself, to be picky.”

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