A survey reveals the top ways parents have bonded with their kids in lockdown – which include playing more games with them, letting them help in the kitchen, and exposing them to old movies, shows, and songs which you like.


[I wonder if kids would call this “bonding” with their parents, or being tortured by them?]

A new survey asked people to name the top ways they’ve bonded with their kids in quarantine.  And a whole lot of parents have been forcing kids to listen to their favorite music, and watch old movies.  Here are the top 10 answers . . .

1.  Playing games with them.  52% said they’ve done more of it.

2.  Showing them one of your favorite movies, 45%.

3.  Exposing them to an old TV show you like, 41%.

4.  Letting them help in the kitchen, 39%.

5.  Talking and listening to them more, 37%.

6.  More playtime in general, 37%.

7.  Playing video games together, 36%.

8.  Reading books together, 35%.

9.  Exposing them to your favorite music, 34%.

10.  Teaching them about one of your hobbies, 31%.

You can check out more on this, here:  (SWNS)

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