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The Top Things We Still Help Our Kids Pay For, Even When They’re Adults

There’s a great scene in the movie “Parenthood” where Jason Robards tells Steve Martin you never stop being a parent . . . even when your KIDS are old enough to be parents.  And for a lot of us, that includes helping with MONEY.



A new study looked at the top things parents help pay for even when their kids are grown-ups.  And it found the average parent spends over four grand a YEAR on their adult children.  Here are the top ten things we help our kids pay for as adults…



1.  Groceries.  Especially when they’re in college, or just getting their own place.


2.  Household items, including furniture.


3.  Stuff for THEIR kids when you’re a grandparent.


4.  Bills.


5.  Emergency expenses.


6.  Vacations.


7.  Cars.


8.  Rent or mortgage payments.


9.  A down payment on their first home.


10.  Travel expenses, like plane tickets home.



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