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The States with the Most Fast Food Joints, and the Ones with the Fewest!

You’ve probably driven through an area that’s so dense with fast food joints that there are multiple locations of the same place within a few miles.



A new study looked at the regions of the country that have the most fast food establishments per capita, and generally speaking, the South and Middle America have the most . . . while New England and the West have the least.



The state with the MOST is Alabama.  They have 6.3 fast food places per 10,000 residents.  Nebraska has the second-most . . . followed by West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.



The state with the fewest is Vermont, with just 1.9 per 10,000 people.  New Jersey has the second-fewest . . . followed by New York, Mississippi, and Connecticut.



Subway is the most common . . . followed by McDonald’s and then Burger King.



And according to Gallup, 80% of Americans eat fast food at least once a month.



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