The Six Morning Routines that Will Make You Happier, Healthier and More Productive
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1. Exercise and Energy– Recommended for: If you struggle with grogginess, youÕve had a hard time fitting exercise into your schedule and if you want to make fitness your top priority.
2. Meditation and Stillness– Recommended for: If you want to be calm and less anxious in your day, if youÕve wanted to make meditation a priority but havenÕt had time, as an alternative if you donÕt like exercise in the morning.
3. Get to Work!– Recommended for: If you have important goals and projects that take a lot of time. If you expect to be working a lot and youÕre worried you wonÕt have time to do everything.
4. Learning First– Recommended for: When you want to work on an important learning goal but never find time.
5. Plan Your Day– Recommended for: If you have a hectic, busy schedule. If you want to focus your mind on work and productivity, but canÕt start working right away.
6. Make Your Bed– Recommended for: Creating a sense of order and dignity in your day. Giving you a foundation of meticulousness and conscientiousness to approach your later tasks.

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