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The Reason Dogs Are Now Treated Like Part of the Family: Women

The reason dogs are now treated like part of the family is . . . women bonded with them.  A new study reveals that women really took to dogs just as dogs were becoming domesticated and were responsible for things like them getting names and being allowed on the furniture.  And that’s how dogs became SO important to people and bonded with us so well.


Man’s Best Friend” didn’t start out that way.  Apparently dogs were”Woman’s BFF,” first.  [That’s my Hank, in the wagon.  ~ Mo]

And a new study, out of Washington State University, has figured out WHY dogs originally became part of the everyday life of humans:  It’s all thanks to women.

The researchers found that women formed early bonds with dogs just as dogs were becoming domesticated, and as a result, quote, “[Dogs] were more likely to be included in family life.”

Women are responsible for dogs getting names, sleeping on furniture, and getting funerals when they passed away.  And that’s how dogs became SO important to people and bonded with us so well . . . which is still going on today.

The researchers say, quote, “Dogs are everywhere humans are . . . they have been able to thrive.  They have hitched themselves to us and followed us all over the world.  It’s been a very successful relationship.”

Bark up this tree, for more:  (Washington State University

[Here are my two silly dogs, working really hard with me, here in the studio, right now.  ~ Mo] 

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