Hot Strawberry Toaster Pastry with frosting and sprinkles

If you’re looking to keep your weight UP between Halloween and Thanksgiving, this should help:  The makers of Pop-Tarts want us to start slathering them with better!



They found 6,946 tweets about “Pop-Tarts and butter” from this year alone.  So they’re partnering with a company called Banner Butter, and releasing a limited run of Pop-Tart branded butters to go with different flavors.



The six butters they’re selling are Chocolate . . . Strawberry . . . Sea Salt . . . Cinnamon with Cardamom and Ginger . . . Honey Habanero . . . and Balsamic Fig.  They go on sale next Tuesday at  For $25, you get a kit with all six, plus three boxes of Pop-Tarts to spread them on.