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The Flu Is Coming Around Fast – Which One Will You Have?

As many Americans look toward Spring, the thought of the flu isn’t exactly front of mind but according to US health officials, flu activity is again on the rise.  Here, in the Chicago area, we spoke with an expert at a west-suburban pediatric office for Avocate.  She confirms that they are seeing a big jump in the number cases – as many as 5 kids per grade per school – and confirms that it’s a pretty even split, between cases of Influenza A and Influenza B.  And it’s spreading fast, across Illinois.  Wisconsin and Florida report high numbers of cases, long before spring break exposes more residents of different states to each other.

And it’s a national problem.  The UK Independent‘s New York office reports nearly every state is reporting a high rate of Influenza.  Furthermore, this year’s strain has particularly hit children hard.  There have been 78 deaths of Americans 18-years of age and younger.  So, it becomes a national concern, to encourage vaccination – the best way to keep this stuff from spreading, besides constant hand washing.

While we are all hearing scary details about the coronavirus, which poses more extreme health concern, but is less of a likelihood for you; health officials say the flu ‘remains a constant and predictable health crisis.’   They recommend the flu shot, to either prevent or lessen severity of cases.  You may be able to get a dose as a spray or a pill, depending on your doctor’s evaluation.  

Do you get a flu vaccination every year? How much do you worry about the flu? Do you get your children vaccinated? Do you think anti-vaxx speech should be treated the same as yelling “fire” in a crowded theater?

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