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‘The Cup Test’ Reveals If You’ve Chosen a Good Name for Your Child… or Not

Woman Shares ‘Cup Test’ to Determine If Your Baby’s Name Will Be Embarrassing for the Child

Choosing a name for a new baby can be stressful for parents, and one mom has a tip for doing so.

A woman’s video went viral on Mumsnet, for posting about the “cup test.”

She explains that all you do is order a drink at a coffee shop; then give the barista the potential name for your child.  They will write it on the cup.  And they’ll call it out, loud, when the drink is ready.

Once your order is up, you’ll be able to see how other customers, and staff members, react to it – or if they can pronounce it.

Many replied to the post, and some agreed it was a good test.

But one skeptical person wrote, “If this is the barometer you want to use for choosing your child’s name, that’s up to you.  And I’m pleased you’ve got the result you wanted.  Just remember that when people comment on an unusual name in situations like that, it is often just an exclamation.  They want to comment/ask and so they feel they have to be complimentary.  I wouldn’t always take it as a genuine compliment.”

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  • A woman went viral on the website Mumsnet after she suggested parents test out a potential baby name by giving it to a barista at a coffee shop and then seeing how other workers and customers react when the order is ready and the name is called

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