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The “Crying from Laughter” Emoji: Uncool – Courtesy of the Younger Generation

The “crying from laughter” emoji is NOT COOL, according to the younger generation.  One reason?  It’s become too mainstream.  According to the website, it’s by FAR the most used emoji.


At least teenagers haven’t declared that ALL emojis are uncool . . . yet.  How would any of us communicate without them?

Unfortunately, there does seem to be a consensus that one emoji is DEFINITELY uncool . . . and it’s one you probably use a lot.

It’s the “crying from laughter” emoji, which is the laughing face with tears coming out.

One reason it’s so uncool?  It’s become too mainstream…  According to the website, which monitors emoji use on Twitter in real time, it’s by FAR the most used emoji . . . and it’s been at or near the top for at least four years.

CNN interviewed some young folks about the emoji and their responses are brutally honest.  One 17-year-old said it’s, quote, “bland” and people his age don’t use it . . . and a 21-year-old said she didn’t even know where to find it on her phone’s emoji keyboard.

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