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The Board Game That’s Most Likely to Start a Fight Is . . . Monopoly

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Have you ever been involved in a FIGHT due to a board game?  One in five Americans say they’ve BANNED a specific board game from their home, because things can get too heated.  And the game that causes the most fights is . . . Monopoly.



The five most-frequently banned games are Monopoly . . . Uno . . . Sorry . . . Scrabble . . . and Jenga.  Here are a few more stats from a new survey on game night competitiveness . . .



1.  One in nine people said they’ve seen a PHYSICAL fight break out over a game before.



2.  The most common things that cause board game fights are someone quitting because they’re losing . . . and accusing someone else of cheating.



3.  22% of us have banned or stopped inviting a specific person to game night.



4.  Just over one in eight people admit THEY’RE usually the one who causes drama.



5.  And 75% of people said they like game nights in general . . . but 41% specifically said they really enjoy winning.



The poll also found the most popular game categories are:  Board games . . . card games . . . dice games like Yahtzee . . . and party games like charades.



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