The Birds and the Bees – Let’s Talk About Those Funny Honey Bees
Study:  Bumblebees Play and Have Feelings 
What’s all this buzz about bumblebees?  Well, honey, here’s who’s funny, now.

A recent study from Queen Mary University of London suggests that bees play – and may even have joyous feelings.

The experiment created a path that allowed bees to travel from their nest to a feeding area, with the option of going through a different section, which was filled with small wooden balls.

According to the study, the bees “went out of their way to roll wooden balls repeatedly, despite no apparent incentive to do so.”

There are lots of animals who play just for the purposes of enjoyment; but most examples come from young mammals and birds,” Professor Lars Chittka said.

AND:  Younger bees seemed to be more playful, just like younger humans!  If bees play for enjoyment, they may also experience other positive states, like feelings.

So, it turns out that Jerry Seinfeld‘s Bee Movie was actually on to something!

There’s more, here, honey:  (NPR)

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