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The Best Day To Call Into Work Sick Is…

A market research company (Attest) came up with the formula for getting a day off work sick. A survey of 1,000 employees revealed their most successful excuses and the time they felt you’ve got the best chance of getting them past the boss. The best time to call in for a sick day is early Tuesday morning. Calling in early my help dispel any suspicions. You clearly didn’t oversleep, so there’s less reason to doubt a big night out or pure laziness. Tuesday’s the best day because if it’s a Monday it just screams “overdid it over the weekend.” The best excuse, according the survey, is “stomach problems.” When you return the work the next day it’s not at all suspicious that you’re feeling near 100% and eating like your old self. If you had “the flu” or “a sinus infection” or “a cold” the boss would expect lingering issues.

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