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The Best and Worst Things America Has Given the World, According to Foreigners

2,000 British people had to list the best and worst things America has given the world.  Their “best” list includes Netflix, Disney, Coca-Cola, and Tom Hanks.  Their “worst” list includes the Kardashians and calling football “soccer.”


Sometimes it’s good to get away from our own myopic “meh” and get a little less near-sighted.  When you step back, away from the U.S., and check out how the rest of the world sees us, it can bring some surprises.  Someone polled 2,000 people in England and asked them to name the best and worst things America has given the world.

Fast food, tech, and entertainment dominate the “best” list . . . and NETFLIX is first.

The BEST things America has given the world include:  Netflix . . . Disney . . . Coca-Cola . . . McDonald’s . . . Apple products . . . KFC . . . Hollywood movies . . . Elvis Presley . . . NASA . . . Levi’s . . . Tom Hanks . . . “Star Wars” . . . and Nike.

We also invented cars, airplanes, Wi-Fi, and Google, but none of THOSE made the list.  Also, Elvis and Tom Hanks both ranked higher than Martin Luther King Jr.

The WORST things we’ve given the world according to Brits include:  Too many guns . . . the Kardashian family . . . racial inequality . . . our politicians in general . . . Kanye West . . . calling football “soccer” . . . deep-fried everything . . . and Facebook.  (We just want to be clear that, yes . . . the Kardashians ranked higher than RACISM.)

American cheese and Crocs also made the “worst” list.  And apparently Brits hate pumpkin pie too.  (Also, if you care what random British people think, Obama made the “best” list, and Trump TOPPED the “worst” list.)

Check it out, here:  (SWNS)

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