The Average American Thinks THESE Every-Day Resources Will Become Obsolete
Study:  Average American Thinks Websites Will Become Obsolete

We may still use them, many times, each day; but most of us think they’re on the way out.  We’re talking about websites.

A recent OnePoll survey shows that 70% of Americans believe apps are replacing websites.  The poll, which included 2,000 U.S. adults, also reveals that 26% think they could go a year without using a computer browser.

69% use their smartphone daily.  And 46% have even done a full day’s work from their phone.

From work to play, our research shows people are embracing the convenience of apps in all areas of life,” Tony Mokry of Cricket Wireless said.

What do people do on their smartphones?  51% shop for groceries and take photos and videos.  47% shop for clothes and accessories.  And 42% complete their tax returns.

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